Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The ShagaTwat Rainbow!!

Tour so far has been amazing!! Our stint with Black Rainbow and Twat Sauce was an awesome adventure through the woods and the cities, Crabbfest, Idapalooza, Columbus Ohio, and of coarse our 4 days in Chattanooga at Do Ya Hear We fest- the van has broken down and been repaired, we've seen many great bands play, and now we are at the new Sluggos south in Pensacola FL. It is the third sluggos that I have played at, back at the original location of Victor Hugos, the pre Sluggos spot in Pensacola. The place is amazing, huge, great vibe, with a ridiculously large and comfortable porch out front!!
Love it hear so much. We've been to all our favorite stops, Rosettas and Static Age in Asheville, JJ's, Sluggos North and Pickle Barrel in Chattanooga, Sluggos south and the In Line in Pensacola. We are about to go see the progress that BP (Beach Poluters)are having ruining our favorite beach before heading to New Orleans for tonights show. So many stories to tell, videos to share, and bands to brag about (like the new Future Virgins record that is done, is awesome, and is coming soon/Dead Dog recordings that are amazing), way too much info to share in this blog. So we leave you with this glimpse into our world, a video shot at Idapalooza, a fest in Ida TN, of Twat Sauce, Black Rainbow, and Shellshag together on stage performing the AK77's song "Fuck Society"!