Wednesday, April 10, 2013

....has it really been almost year?!

Wow.  A lot has happened since then  for all of us no doubt! Hope you are all well.

Forgot EXACTLY what has happened since July, but I do remember some important good times, like playing Hawaii! People in and around No Suck Fest are amazing inspiring people. Awesome Fest in San Diego too! Saw Marked Men for the first time there, still gives me chills thinking about it. " The" Fest in Florida. Very nice. Fantastic seeing Stoned at Heart, Delay and  Underground Railroad to Candyland live with our kick ass roadie Justin Bohmer.  I know, I know- old news but felt the need to try to replay what happened..

The New News is............
We play with the incredible RVIVR, Dogjaw and Extrafeeler at Union Pool April 13 in Brooklyn NY.
We are going to premiere our latest unseen video at this show!

Speaking of videos we made this one also: "forever".

April 16 our new record - shellshag forever- comes out on Don Giovanni Records!
You can pre order it-
You can hear it on line here:

Record Release show is at Maxwells in Hoboken NJ on Saturday April 20. Look as this line up!

Screaming Females
Great Thunder
Hilly Eye

I'm actually scared of this show it's so sick!

We will have Shellhead's Noize Toys available at the release show.
Yes, shellshag action figures!- with shellshag forever download codes included.

We will also have shellshag drum sticks and guitar pics!
Been making lots of cool stuff. It's been pretty alright around here.

Thrillhouse Records released a really cool split 7" with Apogee Sound Club + Shellshag called lifestyle obsession. We also went to the Bay area and had a blast doing shows with Apogee. 50 Million also rocked the punk rock prom at Thrillhouse. It was really quite a night! Looking forward to these guys coming out in June for some more shows together.

Naturally the release of our newest record has prompted the writing of a another one - we are pretty into this name for it right now- more survival tips from the bay.

Our label Starcleaner Records is super excited to be releasing Minneapolis' Frozen Teens newest 7"
Oakland / Footsteps! This will be released on May 21 2013.

Here are all the upcoming shows.. It's easier to catch up if we hang out!

04/13/2013 Brooklyn NY Union Pool w/ RVIVR, Dogjaw, Extrafeeler
04/20/2013 Hoboken NJ Maxwells w/ Screaming Females, Swearin, Hilly Eye, Great Thunder
05/09/2013 Boston MA Middle East w/ Screaming Females, Black Wine, Parasol
05/10/2013 Brooklyn NY Death By Audio w/ Swearin, Black Wine, Chris Gethard, Dave Hill
05/16/2013 Brooklyn NY Shea Stadium w/ The Brooklyn What
05/18/2013 Manhattan NY Mercury Lounge w/ Jeff the Brotherhood, Hunters
05/23/2013 Brooklyn NY Death by Audio      Chris Gethard Birthday Show!
06/05/2013 Brooklyn NY Death by Audio w/ Apogee Sound Club, Extra Feeler, 50 Million
06/06/2013 New Brunswick NJ TBA w/ Apogee Sound Club + TBA
06/07/2013 Manhattan NY Mercury Lounge w/ Apogee Soundclub, Shannon Wright
06/08/2013 Long Island NY TBA w/ Apogee Sound Club + TBA
06/09/2013 Brooklyn NY Acheron w/ Apogee Sound Club, Big Eyes + TBA
06/19/2013 Greenville NC Tipsy Teapot
06/20/2013 Asheville NC TBA TBA
06/21/2013 Chattanooga TN TBA Do ya Hear We Fest 6/21-6/23

We are also managing this amazing film, photo, event space. Hit us up if you are in need:

With love- Jen and Shell