Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Final Word

This is the final writing from last years Shellshag Japanther European Adventure:

I'm so tired. Days and nights have collided and formed one long non stop journey through time that seems to stand still. The first day and today are the same long day. Images of movies just released, Mac Donald's signs, white lines and black tar are a collage of normalcy, although there is nothing normal about what I am doing. Traveling with artists, a group of medicine men selling variations of the same potion, have left me feeling like an over worked doctor whose patients get better as he grows sicker. All will return to normal with rest, but although that rest is only a few days away, a few days are an eternity in a world where the clocks have stopped, or perhaps even begun to turn slowly backwards. It's days like this that make it hard to remember what I am doing here and why. Not here in England, but here in this world, in this life. In a week the memories will flood my senses and the days will separate and distinguish themselves in my mind. Then I will tell the stories of my journey and boast of my triumphs and confess my failures. A tired body and mind can tell a confusing story, just know that I am happy, so happy.