Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012 update

We are half way through 2012 and this is what we have been up to.  Shellshag has been busy recording a new 12" for Don Giovanni Records out in San Francisco at Light Rail Studios and it is almost finished. Twelve brand new songs along with the traditional guest musicians on a few of the tracks.  During the months we were creating this record we have played some great shows around the country and released a new 7" with We Are Busy Bodies out of Toronto Canada.(pictured on the right)  It has four songs and includes some guest vocals from Screaming Females Marissa Paternoster, Kate Mc Laughin, and Doris Zine writer Cindy Crabb.
The songs are Stars and Bars, In the Pink, Starting Line and No More War. Half of the 7" was recorded with Elton Ridge and Eric Haas in SF at Light Rail Studios, and the other half at Hunt Studios in NJ with Eric Bennett and Marissa Paternoster.
     We also released this 12" Fuck Society Volume 1 on Mauled by Tigers. It has 14 of our favorite songs to cover, by some of our favorite bands. The title track Fuck Society is the original by AK77. We recorded all the songs with Mike Pack in Chattanooga TN at Tiny Buzz.
     We played the DonGiovanni Showcase and Hilly Eye record release, as well as NXNE and Streetopia, and later this summer we will play at Clitfest, Awesome Fest 666 and Fest 11-
We have taken this year a little slower than usual because we moved into a new Starcleaner studio and have also been taken some more time to create and write. We hope to see and do more as we get settled and organized. The rest of the year and 2013 are sure to find us back with a vengence and with a ton of new art and music to share.