Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why'd I Have to Get So High?

Our new LP "Why'd I Have to Get So High?" was released a few months ago on Starcleaner Records and Don Giovanni Records - and we are having so much fun taking it around the world and playing the songs live.
We had an amazing two month tour and got to play with so many great bands and see so many great friends. Here is a pic from our record release show at Bell House in Brooklyn -
Now we are working on our TV shows for Shellshag TV and planning our next tour!
Shellshonic Shag-O-Vision is about to launch its third season and we have a slew of excellant guests lined up. And we are releasing the first episode of a new show called Flashback this month, which features old footage we have collected form over the years of cool people, artists, and bands.
So keep an eye out for lots of great new Shellshag music, TV, and live shows!
Here are our 2 newest videos from the new record, have a nice day, love Shellshag
'90s Problem
Blowin It