Thursday, July 15, 2010

Next show July 23 at Don Pedros in Brooklyn!

Wow. So much has happened since our last blog I do not know where to begin! Our return from tour show is July 23rd at Don Pedros with forgetters and Joe Porters newest band called Marvin Berry and the New Sound (this is also they're return from tour show!) also PIGS from SF CA which is Hammy from Fleshies new band and the amazing 97-shiki from Chicago! This show is going to be awesome. We got home about 2 weeks ago...The tour was the best one yet! really. Despite 2 van breakdowns and Nashville. Where I met and unfortunately worked with the worst promoter in the world! The tour was enhanced by 2 sweetheart roadies on 2 different legs of the tour. Greg Rice Harvester from Black Rainbow took care of us all the way from Chattanooga to SF CA after an amazing tour with Black Rainbow. Greg played bass with us, drove, carried stuff, sold stuff, sighed and smiled and even puked once. We fell in love with him! We said our teary goodbyes after a mind blowing show at El Rio in SF CA with Grass Widow, Dirty Marquee, and Street Eaters..We lived in SF for years...God do we love that town! Hooked up with the incredible RVIVR for a few shows in the northwest, oh and the new and improved Taco Cat!, then after a super warm welcome from old friends in Missoula we began the dreaded 16 hour drive to Fargo where we were greeted by the greatest hosts in the world! Leif, Justin and friends. We parked, everyone loaded our gear,set it up, handed us countless drinks, all in about 5 minutes then even drove us to Justin's house. Justin then stayed with us all the way to our DOA show in Cleveland acting as driver, roadie and all around inspiration! In Chicago Shellhead recorded with the fabulous Al Scorch before a great show at Schubas. And Minneapolis blew our minds! Frozen Teens and Jeff the Brotherhood and Natural Helpers, complete with the bartender from our last show there in 1998!- the infamous 50 Million show with Violent Femmes. Long story...I'll explain more another time. Justin and Joey Shithead from DOA were like 2 peas in a pod in Cleveland! Just great seeing those two hang. We put Justin on the greyhound, played a fun show in Wilkes Barre PA then came back to NY. We have great footage and pictures that I will post soon...including the highly anticipated Shagatwat Rainbow from Idapalooza, that for some reason would not upload last time...I will try again now... Bye for now!-Jen