Tuesday, January 10, 2017

All In One Annual Blog

Time for our once a year blog update of all that is going on. We lost two beloved vans in 2016, King Mike's Castle and The Magic 8 Ball. The Castle went down in Kansas City, but thanks to the good folks from Nature Boys, Danny and Suzanne, the pain was minimalized and the show went on. The first tour our mighty maroon express took us on was the Slits, Shellshag, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb tour of 2008. We will miss that van. The van we moved onto was so rad!! Although she only did 5,000 miles, and a tour and a half, we made enough memories to miss the 8 ball almost as much.
It happens. Good things happened in 2016 too. We released a cassette for songwriter John Hays, also our bandmate/tour manager.
It's a great dark comedy acoustic sort of thing. We did a release show at our film studio 94 jewel with art by Lauren Denitzio, Jamie Morrison, Melissa Guachun, and Shellhead. Jen Shag, Pale Angels, Anna Banana and John Hays played.
This came out, a really awesome triple LP of the final days at Death by Audio, the raddest Brooklyn Venue. Its all live stuff, Shellshag is on there doing "Destroy Me I'm Yours", along with Ted Leo, Screaming Female, Deerhoof, Ty Segal, Lightning Bolt and others. really miss that place. There is a book and a movie about the joint too I think.
We made more Shellshonic Shag-O-Vision episodes. Season 3 features guests Mike Watt, Chris Gethard, Ian Vanek, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa, Pale Angels, Patrick Jennings, Bobby Harper, and Marissa Paternoster! We do songs by Velvet Underground, Wire, the Smiths, and more.
We also launched a new show called Flashback TV, which features old footage we have from the '90s.
The pilot episode is a nice clip of famed punk band Hickey playing at Starcleaners in 1997.
We made three music videos. One for Vacation "every direction"
Non Person is one of the best records ever, it was so much fun making a video for one of the songs on that record, honored. 
Pale Angels "you don't dance"And this video came out so rad! The new record they are making for Recess is incredible! Yes we have been lucky enough to hear some in progress. Pale Angels are a force!

and we made this video for our song "50/50", from the Why'd I Have to Get So High LP. We used these cool old chess pieces my grandma Nana made a long time ago. We didn't place chess with them, but still, they look sweet in the video. We also got to show off our outfits that our friend Hellena made for us! It's a bunch of our old rock t-shirts spanning 30 years, sewn up together in a single outfit. They are so rad!!
Finally, right at the end of the year, we released a classic 3 song, 7 inch style single called
More Survival Tips from the Bay. Hello my name is along with More Survival Tips from the Bay and Please Don't Go are a perfect mix of unreleased music that spans many years while looking for a home. They go perfect together even though it took so long for them to tumble into place together.

We had a good time on the road this year despite our troubles, playing with Toys That Kill at Planit X Fest and at First Ave. in Minneapolis, and going to Pierre South Dakota for the first time. Fest in Florida was super fun this year, and going to Santamania in Cincinnati was a blast.
Big thanks to everyone everywhere.    -shellshag