Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lyon to Milan

Grrrnd (ground) Zero in Lyon France is a really cool place. It's in a warehouse area, in a pretty big building with a ton of rooms. The show space is on the first floor, and upstairs are offices and rooms for bands to sleep. Lots of friends have been here before us, and we saw many posters of bands we know and like- Brilliant Colors were here recently I think. Our hosts, Alexione, Camille, and Guam had cooked up another amazing meal, there was so much food, these guys worked really hard for us; they were awesome. The show was really crowded and the opening band Biner(binary) also had a 2 person mic stand. There's was a T shaped stand for 2 guitarists. They were great! Shellshag had a great set, and we dedicated ourselves to some outstanding gear smashing at the end. Japanther had a roudy crowd at this one and the people at the show were so friendly and fun. We saw Elizabeth from Athens, and did an interview with Julian, who knew quite a bit about us and our friends. We slept upstairs at the show space, and awoke to yet another meal!
Running behind schedule we left asap for Milan. Every single place and host has been amazing, but Lyon was the most like home for me so far. Lots of hugs, smoking and dancing. The drive to Milan took a while, there was some traffic. We arrived at 8 and checked into our hotel, which was pretty swanky. Our host, Gian Lucca, was waiting for us there with the promoter Enrico, and these guys were great. Gian Lucca booked 3 of our Italy shows, and like us, is also good friends with Bjorn from the fabulous ZZZ. They took us to dinner at Stella Marine (Starfish), and I had some killer pasta with cream sauce. FYI, Alfredo isnt a real dish. It's a totally fake thing that's just in America- embarrassing when I tried to order it; The waitress kinda laughed even. The show in Milan was at a great place called Plastic Club, and both Japanther and shellshag played short sets back to back in the middle of a killer DJ dance party at about 2am. It was really fun. We were totally in the dark, with almost no lights, in the middle of a raging dance party.
We loaded out and got back over to the hotel around 4am. 6 hours sleep and we were off to Rome, which is where we are now. There is so much graffitti, and it's such a beautiful place. We are about to sound check and eat- it's going to be a wild show, I can tell-
When in Rome- what is it that someone was doing when this phrase was first uttered I wonder?

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