Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smashed Glass

Where did we leave off? Ah yes, we packed Sunday for Hamburg, turned our back for a second, and someone broke the window and stole a bag- nothing too important was taken, but for 2 days we drove with a duct tape window- very american punk yes? - this made us late to Rote Flora, a famous squat in Hamburg, so we missed a great dinner, but we made it in time to play, and all the fans had stayed and waited, so it was great. These folks danced. I smoked hash from a half an apple while dancing with Shag and Fredricka to Japanther- We slept at our host Marcus' house for 3 hours and awoke to pancakes and mashed meat for breakfast at 8am- Matt and I had already gotten up and tried the 2nd place so far to get the window repaired, but they couldn't do it fast enough, so we went back and got the crew and gear and were off to Berlin to stash the car. Jan, our friend in Berlin stored the gear for us, and he's so cool, he kept the car and is getting it fixed while we are here in Portugal. We trained to the Berlin airport and flew to Lisbon, which is where I sit now in a 18th century building called ZDB. We basically have a little house to ourselves here, in the ZDB, which is where we play tomorrow- today we train to Porto Portugal to play at Cafe Au Lait tonight. It is beautiful here. We were out walking the tiny streets til 4am last night. I navigated my way through a seedy hash purchase that once done was a success- it's crazy on the streets here at night! It's so peaceful this morning, what a wonderful place Lisbon is, and we have hardly begun to explore- We started writing a ShagPanther song last night that will be a gem. I wish we had you all with us on this experience, I will try to keep telling our story- that's all for now- Shell


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  2. hey guys!

    so far everyone i talked to had a blast seeing you and japanther play at the Rote Flora. Flicke made some photos; i can send them to you via mail or just upload them and post a mediafire link here.

    Glad to hear everything turned out to be alright.

    - Markus

  3. Thanks Markus- pictures, great! Our email is