Friday, March 26, 2010

The Crystal in the Capo

I'm sitting at Sluggo's North in Chattanooga TN about to drive to Nashville for a show. This week started in Tulsa Oklahoma. After an 11 hour drive in traffic, we arrived at the Crystal Pistol late but in time to play. It was our first time to play on a stage in Tulsa, and after many house parties, record stores, and basements, we were ready for the change. The Crystal Pistol was the perfect place for us and we ripped through an extended set including 50 million and Hickey covers. Sasha helped on guitar with the finale, and we had a pretty good sized sculpture built by the time we were ready to smash both sides of the tom!! Great show followed by a nice after party at Tulsa Timmy's house. We played some Rock band before breakfast, which Shellshag sucked at, and we were treated to Jesse's Juicy Karkass "punch em in the dick" rap video- hilarious!!
The following day we met up with Cinque for a great show in the most killer firehouse. Kansas City was good to us, fish tacos, bloody marys, and tons of kids made our first trip here incredible! The finale was the wildest of the tour with more than a dozen people from the crowd participating at once- smashing drum heads, passin the guitar around sharing duties on noise making, and head stands in the drums!!!! Can't wait to return.
On to Little Rock for a house show. This show was a blast and we had sing a long fans there- which is far out cause Shellshag has never been and its been 6 or so years since any of our other tours brought us through. Friggin' great chaotic drum destruction at this one too!! We saw friends Hermit Thrushes who had an amazing set, as did the local band that we never got the name of. Oh, Neon Blood killed it too, from FL. Glad to have you back around Little Rock!!
It was off to Chattanooga for recording at Revolution Sound Studios above JJ's Bohemia.
We were blessed with overwhelming support for the sessions, which included performances from some of Chattanooga's finest musicians, as we added guitars, accordions, tambourines, vocal tracks, hand claps, and group chants!!! The players will be a surprise, but this is gonna be an epic cover of standards called "Fuck Society Volume 1"!!! We've been splitting the rest of our time between Sluggos North and Pickle Barrel, alternating between Pickle Barrels Rubens and Sluggos Culture Club. Both are fantastic. We have a few days left here in Chattanooga after our show tonight at Little Hamilton House in Nashville, and we will be mixing the recordings one of those days, and playing with our good friends Screaming Females on Sunday at JJ's.
Super psyched to see evrybody out at that one, which also has 40 oz. folklore and new super group Dark Rides on the bill!!! Be home to NY next week- that's all for now.

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