Friday, March 5, 2010

Tour Kick Off!!!

First day is kickin ass!!! My birthday has begun; I got gifts- Green Day and Gang of Four/Entertainment on Vinyl; sweet. We are packin and makin comps for the drive and stuff-
We took this picture of the T-shirts we are bringing. Ben Snakepit did this killer design a while back and we've been printin it up on stuff- killer!! Few hours from now we'll be rockin with a third person for the 1st time since Wade Driver played with us at SXSW, and the first time anyone's played an entire set with us- its gonna rule! Ben Wildenhaus from Federation X will be slingin guitar for Shellshag at tonights show at Cedar Mansion. We play with The Measure, Stupid Party, and Groucho Marxists. A special hello and thank you to our first 2 followers, you guys are the best-

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