Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Week of Shows

Its hard to find time to post while touring. I guess we left off in Athens, where we played a great show with the Crab sisters band Snarlas- we ate crazy hotdogs at a cool spot by the show with hotdogs named after burlesque dancers- super cool place with a hotdog museum. Stayed out on the farm where Crabfest will be held, it was really neat. We went to Asheville next and had a great time with Tent City Rollers and Anna Banana and Liz's band. Mr. Stickrod took good care of us and we were off to Georgia. Played Athens GA with Hot New Mexicans and Dead Dog. Both of those bands are so very good- dead Dog is recording with Mike Pak and its going to be bitchin'!
Caledonia owner stiffed us on $ though, so that place sucks and I wouldnt reccommend anyone ever play there. I hate it when douche bags think they are hookin you up just by providing you an opportunity to help them keep there failure of a bar open by draggin all your friends down to pay cover that pays the sound guy, door man, bar tender and rent on there crAPPY placwe and give you an insult of a payout. Caledonia, you arent fooling me, you and I know its an intentional scam, and you suck for it!!! Anyway, lucky for them we all had enough fun to move on with our lives without burnin the place down- We headed off to Harvest of Hope right after the show and drove all night. We arrived at 9am, pitched our tents and slept til the afternoon when we played. It was raining, muddy as hell, a total swamp, which was followed by gear trouble due to moisture and humidity, but we overcame and friggin killed it at HOH!!! We saw many friends, but had to head out the next day to go to Pensacola to play Sluggos. Note: all late night college kid digerdoo ravers should die!! (some dicks played crappy bongo and digerdooo music all night right next to our tent) Dont these guys get sick of going without sex, I mean, Know way they are gettin laid after being so lame!! Sluggos, Crystal, Ryan, the beach and all were great to us, and we were glad to have been to Sluggos before it moves locations. FYI, they set up the coolest show for us and we played in the dining room - classic.
New Orleans late night fun hosted by Luke of Happy Talk Band was as fun as ever- we played the first of what appears to be a new trend of festivals created by the overwhelming amount of bands on the road going to SXSW. The next night, last night, in Houston was the same- Houstons was called Overflow fest, which is hosted by Super Happy Funland- a great place that we had a great time at!!! Hope to go back there soon on a non-monday. An old friend I havent seen in decades came out to the show, and I was pretty excited about this- so right now, facebook is a hero. I hope it stays that way- I hope all the old friends I get to know again are as cool and kind as my friend Eric. If not, you know, todays hero/tomorrows villan.
thats all for now

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