Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pennsylvania to Ohio

Here we are in Columbus Ohio at the Cornerstone Cafe- Shellshag, Street Eaters, Little Lungs and Ragrage. We have done 4 shows and they were all great!! After our tour kick off in Brooklyn we headed to Philly to play a party at Justin Benders house. It was killer- totally packed. The bands were excellent. Justin's new band Los Chi Chis and It Good had especially good sets. Shellshag had a rager of a set to an enthusiastic crowd!!
The next morning we interviewed Justin about Ukebox and Los Chi Chis, so after tour we will post his interview and many others at our site. The next day was a 3rd Bday party in a row [shells bday weekend] at another packed show in Pittsburgh at Kopec's. Our best Pitt show to date, we really love it there. Josh from Princess Thunderstorm made us dinner, Pork Loin, friggin delicious.....and Zack and friends made us a huge breakfast in the morning. They were such good hosts in Pitt, we may have to move there and buy one of there cheap houses!! The show was a 5 band bill, all good, and Kopec's is awesome for sure. Well rested and feelin good, we headed off to Columbus to pick up Street Eaters at the airport and begin our stint together with a show at Carabar here in Coloumbus. The great band Delay hosted us, along with our new favorite band Ragrage; and what a show they put together for us all. Our friends Little Lungs were with us as well, so these guys took care of 3 touring bands on a Monday and had a ton of folk out late and havin a ball- the best!!! We all got hooked up, sold a ton of records and had agreat nights rest at Chad's house- eatin quasedillas and watching Cacoon. Yes, I said watching Cacoon- with Steve Guttenberg. We all came out for breakfast here, except the Delay gang had to work today- so we took this picture of us all- havin a blast!! A big thank you to Philly, Pitt and Columbus- you guys all rule!!
Psyched for tonight at the Union in Athens playing with Snarlas, new band of Crab siters; its gonna rock. Shellshag's first Athens show. more later......

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  1. hope the b-day show at Kopec's was as much of a blast for you as it was for us!