Thursday, March 18, 2010


Houston was a great time. We stayed at my sister Tiffany's new house after the show at Super Happy Funland. Shellshag was interviewed by Channel 39 at the show, but they used a different band in the segment went it aired- Street Eaters killed it in Houston and were the best performance of the night. Tiffany and Freckles took great care of us and we headed on to San Antonio well rested and recouped. San Antonio was rad!! We played with The Sticky Bandits, a This Bike is a Pipe Bomb cover band that was killer fun- we had a great group of people at the party singing along with the songs and dancing- SA was awesome. We were in San Marcos the next day where we spotted the mysterious Texas White Fish, pictured here- swimming in the San Marcos River, Bloody Mary's at Triple Crown, lunch at Cafe on the Square, and a killer outdoor party on a sunny day- a perfect day! John Bellows band was great and we reccomend checking them out. Now we are the fabulous Bob Taylor's house about to head over to Snake by Snakepit, which looks to be better than the entire SXSW festival with just one day and a dozen bands!!!

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