Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dial House

We were only 10 minutes from going through the border patrol and English customs, so before i was completely awake the dogs and French and English cops were done doing there thing, and we were driving onto the train. We pulled the car right onto a train and sat in the car for 30 minutes, and presto, we were in the UK. So I am driving on the left side of the road now, with the steering wheel still on the american side, so I'm way over against the left side. I've been doing a lot of the driving, I've been doing pretty good. Like being in the mirror now, no big deal, I'm driving on the left. Keep left, keep left. We drove up to Epping where we spent an hour trying to find this hard to find farm house, the Dial House, in the countryside where we would meet Japanthers friends Gee and Penny, members of Crass. We finally found it, and it was a really cool old farm. They had tea and soup waiting for us, they were quite nice. So I'm chatting with Tony, bass player for the Buzzcocks, and I'm wishing I had my  brothers knowledge of Crass and Buzzcocks. Instead, all I can hear in my head, are the lyrics to the Hickey-Million song 78666. "I don't know dick about the Buzzcocks". I'm looking at Pete Shelleys old guitar case and the Buzzcocks original bass players bass cabinet and Crass amps, talking with Tony about his new recording studio in a little cottage on the farm. These guys were so nice, and it was really cool to be around such old schoolers. I was young again. I was the guy with the shorter history in music. I was the kid. We stayed as long as we could by the fire eating soup, but had to be on our way to Halifax, we were running late. We arrived to a crowded bar and a really loud band was playing called Cusswords. They were quite fun, we are hosting them in NY this spring. We had to load in and get set up really quick, I had a few shots and 3 beers in about 10 minutes and I was ready to rock! We couldn't find the UK adapter for our power transformer, so we had to use Cusswords gear, which they were super cool about, even when I stood on the guitarists really nice amp which he had borrowed from his dad. We were loud and trashy, but the crowd was loving it. While we were playing, an altercation caused the night to end earlier than planned, and after a lot of commotion and a visit from the cops, we left early, and you guessed it, got an Etap hotel. Up next, The Harley in Sheffield-

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