Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grazi Italy!

Pescara Italy was really killer. Pauolo was so cool. We arrived after dark and had calamari at a place called Posidens. After a walk we loaded in a met our host Pauolo- we had a great dinner across the street. A home cooked meal!  Spaghetti, except it had a cooler name, chicken, salads, and expressos. The show was really great! We all sounded good. We went over to Pauolos house for a while and met his girl. We talked for a while. He's like a brother now. We had a cool little hotel with a balcony. It was a great stop. The next days drive was 6 hours to Trieste, a seaside cliff town that was extremely windy. The venue was hard to find- little narrow streets, hills, and there is no sign at the club. It's called Tetris, and was like a private club. They were fun there- Juan Marie and Max a million. We had a nice band room where we had hashbrowns and Pizza. What I gotta say is, Pepperochini Grappa. Grappa is like a liquor that we had tried the clear version of in Milan. This nights Grappa was made locally, and we were doing shots of it. It was so good! I tried the apple grappa first, but once I had the Pepperochini grappa, that's all I had. I'm going to try to get a bottle sent over to the states! You all would love this stuff. The show was packed and the promoter, Adrea, was really cool. We had a killer set, so fun in fact we made them turn on the house lights so we could see the smiling faces better. We hung around selling records and drinking grappa til late, then went over to the hotel. We awoke to a sunny morning on the water, frigging beautiful! We went back and loaded up before going shopping and for a picnic. This was to be a night off, but we had 12 hours to cover to Toulouse, so we drove 9 and got an Etap (motel 6) near Nimes and slept good before driving the rest of the way today. We drove along the French Riveara and it was really pretty. Now we are in Toulouse at Le Saint De Seins, the place we play tonight. It's pretty cool, like a youth center, game room, show space and bar all in one. We are about to do sound check and then have a look around. Italy was so great, and being back in France is pretty magnificent as well. With 10 days left we still haven't had our fill. We got plenty of juice left to rock these final shows, and although I could stay in the EU longer, I'm excited to get home and play the DG showcase in Brooklyn. That's it for now,

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  1. Love reading these posts!! Sounds like you're having a hell of a trip... see you in a week or so!