Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hell to the muthafukin Yeah!! We smoked tonight at the Apolo! We're playin at Apolos! Like a frigging circus show, traveling around, we killed it! We, knight toilet, shellshag, and japanther, had a really great show! The night before in Toulouse was really fun, our friend Patty had made us an excellent dinner, and we were ready for Spain.  We had headed out right after that show to increase our time here in Barcelona. We had arrived early in the day and enjoyed the sunshine and atmosphere. Ian's  brother Matt and his band Knight Toilet were here in town, and after a great day we all met up for an even greater night. Knight toilet set the tone with their wicked slide show and noise set thru tiny orange pignose amps.. They conjoured a spirit that carried shellshag and Japanther into a seamless night of good times and memories. We got the guitar up high in the ceiling during our set and Shag was making drum sticks stick in the ceiling right next to it. We danced up a storm. After the show, we were so amped, we slung all the gear on our backs, amp, drums and all, and carted it all on foot the 7 blocks to the hotel! I must of looked insane hauling this big amp down the street, and Shag and Ian renamed me "Frito" because of it. We hung out in the rooms for a while and then headed out to a party. We walked into a sing along acoustic jam session and Japanther quickly took over and were playing songs. I jumped in and played the one Japanther song I know how to play, come back home. We made friends with a fellow Texan, John, who lives here doing underwater sub operating. He came to the party with us. We walked back to the hotel and I crashed. I woke up later and had obviously missed a movie party- there were extra people sleeping in our room, and I learned this morning I missed The Fly, in Spanish. Now it's Friday and I'm sitting in the Magoo, our tour car, chillin in the sunny weather about to drive to Bordeaux France. Spain rules, I wish we could stay longer. Adios-

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