Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Harley and Islington Mill!

The Harley is rad! We were there early, about 230 pm, and the sound check was smooth and we had a hotel room right upstairs. We took a break after the check and watched the movie Red, it was pretty good. The show started at 7pm, 5 bands. Cusswords were on the bill with us again. Three young guys, really sweet, and their band name comes from the Big Lebowski. "do you have to use so many cusswords dude?". They play trashy garage punk, quite excited and fun. We are gonna have them in NY soon, you guys will dig it the most. The other 2 opening bands were great as well. Shag was hammered drunk for this one, but it was still great, and we destroyed the crap outta the drums at the end. Japanther killed as well. We got good sleep and after hanging at The Harley all morning, we were on our way to Salford, right outside of Manchester. We played the Islington Mill there, and met the other two Carlin brothers Mark and Morris. Paul Carlin hooked up Berlin for us, and Mark and Morris teamed up to take care of us at the Mill. A really cool brick complex with art, a show space and a sweet bed and breakfast! Our set at the Mill was one of our finest, we played really well, and the crowd was all smiles and so friendly. Japanther had a great night, all dancing and smiles. After the show we danced to the killer DJ's, who also did projections all night. We danced with cute friends and later got some nice rest in our room. I'm up now having coffee in the courtyard. Three shows left, Glasgow, London, and Brooklyn!
See you all soon-

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