Monday, February 7, 2011

Moulin Rouge

Bordeaux was much different than everywhere else we have been in France. We arrived after dark and there was dinner waiting for us. We played at Le Saint Ex, a punk bar filled with smoke, and there was much less English and way more French. The gang got haircuts from this nice man Vincent, everyone but me. We had great sets, but wore out quickly afterwards, it was so smokey and everyone there was so trashed. A ton of fun. We headed out late, about 230am and drove 1/2 way to Paris and got an Etap hotel- slept 5 hours and then we had to get going to our 3pm load in at La Machine in the Moulin Rouge! We arrived right on time, and this place was really cool- huge! Loading, parking, and sound check- it was a little chaotic, but once we were done we relaxed and hung out. Japanther had a bunch of interviews and photo shoots, and we all played together for a recording. We played this song we wrote together, Red String, inspired by our friend Alex Hiller who is on tour with us. These music blog guys filmed us. We went for a traditional French meal, it was really good! I had duck and a steak. Shag had a tomatoe anchovie salad and fish and veggies. Back at Moulin Rouge we began to drink and socialize. The band, Ninja Wolf 2 played first and they were amazing!! Really cool 2 piece band. It was a wild Saturday night crowd, and shag and I played accordingly- wild! They loved it- we had guest singers and did our AK77's cover in French; kind of. Petan' Societe!
Japanther killed it. So many dancing girls, it was a sight to behold. We stayed and danced and partied til late, it's Moulin Rouge! Our host Sofia had set all this killerness up for us and she was such a fun person! Our friends Alexione and Camille from Lyon trained over for the show and hung out with us. They are the sweetest girls. We had a hotel down the street and I was asleep by 4am- back up at 10 am- load out. Then we went to Kiki's Apartment, he's the drummer of Death Set, and we finished up a recording Japanther had started a few weeks earlier. It is such a killer track, Kiki is a really fun guy, and fast as lightning on the recording work, so we got a lot done. Paris was all it's said to be  and we really enjoyed it. We drove to the edge of the English Channel and got a room. I'm sitting here now and soon we will take the fairy, car, gear and all, into the UK. Tonight is at Bar Up in Halifax! Looking forward to English and seeing the Slits gals this week. 5 shows to go, then our Back in the USA show is this Saturday at Williamsburg music hall!! What a phenomenal tour this is, and we are ready to rock the UK all week!! See y'all soon,

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